My Favorite Tinted Moisturizer for Dark Skin

person holding tinted moisturizer for dark skin

I’m excited to share my favorite tinted moisturizer for dark skin today! One of my goals for the year is to post more skincare and beauty content, and this is a product I can’t stop raving about with my friends. Many of the tinted moisturizers on the market promise a bronzing effect, which doesn’t always translate well to darker skin. I’ve used the ILIA Skin Tint but wanted to find something lighter. Insert Rare Beauty Positive Light Tinted Moisturizer, the product I won’t shut up about.

This product arrived in a PR package, but I didn’t use it for weeks for the funniest reason. I’m wary of celebrity beauty brands; all I knew about Rare Beauty was that it was owned by Selena Gomez. I finally got curious enough to try it; it was love at first application. I will share a few things I love about this moisturizer and how I use it. 

Tinted Moisturizer for Dark Skin

Positive Light tinted moisturizer for dark skin

The shade range is the first thing that makes me recommend this tinted moisturizer for dark skin. Far too many brands don’t prioritize inclusive products, and I sometimes struggle to find my shade. The options from Rare Beauty impressed me. I wear a 48W, and there are still five shades darker than mine. I don’t like recommending brands that don’t make makeup for everyone, so this is a huge plus.

Something else that I love is that it’s so light on my skin. It doesn’t feel much thicker than sunscreen, and you can rub it in with your hands (I prefer a brush because I think it makes it easier to apply). If I leave the house, I’ll add pressed powder after the moisturizer for extra coverage. My holy grail is the MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation. I started using it my senior year of high school and haven’t looked back. 

Before And After

woman showing skin before and after using tinted moisturizer for dark skin

It’s important to remember that a tinted moisturizer isn’t giving you nearly the amount of coverage as a foundation. That said, I’m surprised how much this one helps even out my skin and adds a subtle glow without making me feel oily. In the picture above, I have nothing on my skin in the first picture and Rare Beauty tinted moisturizer on in the second. I’m not wearing anything else other than lip balm. The difference isn’t drastic, but it’s exactly what I was hoping for. This is a PR product that I happily rebought with my own money, and I’ll continue to use it. It’s not cheap, but a bottle lasts long, even with daily wear. 

I hope this helps if you are searching for the best tinted moisturizer for dark skin! Out of all the options I’ve tried, this is by far my favorite. Do you have a holy grail that I should know about? Feel free to let me know in the comments! 


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