Stocking Stuffers & Gifts For A Lilly Pulitzer Lover

I don’t know about you, but I love buying gifts for other people. One of my love languages is gifts, and anyone who knows me can attest to it! I love receiving little things that brighten up my day, but giving gifts is even more fun for me.  Even better than buying for other people is buying for my loved ones and getting a great deal!

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I’m Obsessed With These Four Dresses & You Will Be, Too

I’ve always been more of a dress person. Maybe it’s because I always feel like my jeans are judging me? It’s just so much pressure to squeeze into a pair of jeans, especially around Thanksgiving. Ya feel me?

If you’re also dress-obsessed, you have to check out these deals. Some of these may work better for summer, but it’s never a bad time to add to your dress collection. Also, I’m a firm believer that you can winterize anything with enough determination.  

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This Spirit Jersey Shirt Comes In 23 Colors & I Need All Of Them

I used to prioritize dressiness over comfort. I was dressed to the nines pretty much every day when I started my first professional gig. That didn’t last long. 

These days, I’m all for my wardrobe staying as close to pajamas as humanly possible. Don’t get me wrong; I still love getting dressy, but if I’m just running to the mall or Starbucks, I want to look cute but still feel relaxed.

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You Don’t Have To Wait Until Black Friday For These Lilly Pulitzer Deals

Another day, another deals roundup! I’m super excited for Black Friday –– buying stuff at a discount is my jam. The only inconvenient part is dealing with lines and crowds. Even shopping online on Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be stressful when you’re worried stuff may sell out.

I plan to do a roundup of any awesome deals I find for Thanksgiving weekend, but if you’re in a shopping mood right now, I’m sharing some of my fave deals that aren’t holiday related! 

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These Little Girls Leggings From Lilly Pulitzer Are Actual Magic

Anyone who loves buying brand-name clothing can tell you that it gets expensive. I don’t buy because it’s brand name, but I can’t stay away from high-end stores. My husband recently asked how much I spend shopping a month and I responded with a shrug emoji.

So imagine my surprise when I read about an ingenious way to save money on Lilly Pulitzer. Someone shared on Facebook that an adult woman can fit into a pair of Lilly Pulitzer little girl’s leggings. Listen, y’all. I’m a size 12 with hips and a booty. I am not one who would usually opt for children’s clothing unless it was made for husky boys or something.

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