My Fave Leopard Print Shoes Are 20% Off Today

Hey, y’all! It’s been two weeks since I posted, mainly because things have been wild with work and school (I legitimately started grad school and dropped out during drop/add because I realized things are WAY too busy in this season of my life to give it the attention it deserves). Basically, I’ve been running on fumes and caffeine. 

These Are Some Of The Best After-Christmas Sales TODAY

I hope y’all had an amazing Christmas! It was a great day at the Stewart household — the gifts were amazing, but the time with family was even more special! We had a really sweet morning filled with family traditions, yummy breakfast and lots of squealing as we opened our presents. 

What I Wore Today (& My Fave Faux Leather Booties!)

It’s a week before Christmas, even though it doesn’t feel like it at all in South Florida. This is my second holiday in super-warm weather, and I’m still getting used to it. It’s warm back in Tampa, but it gets somewhat chilly around the holiday.