Monday Musings: Plus Size Rompers I’m Loving, A Health Update & More

We made it to Monday, friends! I know — I have it all backwards. But we’re supposed to be thankful for every day, not just Fridays, right?! I’m glad I survived the weekend and have a week filled with potential ahead. I may just be over-caffeinated, but I’m believing this week will be GOOD.

I’ve had this post sitting in drafts for a while, and I didn’t really know what to do with it because it is SO random and my posts are usually laid out well. But I want to use my blog to actually ramble about my life, even as things become more structured + this isn’t a place where I word vomit all the time! Who knows if I’ll ever do another Monday Musings post, but I figured I’d give it a try! Let’s get going. (This post may contain affiliate links.)

My Newest Fashion Obsession

  1. Crochet Trim Wrap Romper ($49)

  2. Red-Blue Print Romper ($49)

  3. Smocked Off-The-Shoulder Romper ($26.98)

  4. V-Neck Palm Print Romper ($15.99)

  5. Del Lago Romper ($128)

  6. Plaid Wrap Style Romper ($59)

I used to avoid rompers because I thought they weren’t ~flattering~ on my figure, but life is way too short to let fashion magazines dictate what you wear. Florida summers are brutal, and my new romper obsession has come in clutch as I’ve tried to survive the heat. If only I could get away with wearing a romper to work…

Body, Do You Love Me? Are You Riding?

Thanks for the inspiration, Drake. I’ve been struggling all week because of extreme fatigue and weakness out of nowhere, and all of the obvious conditions aren’t a fit. I’m seeing a doctor today and hoping I get answers, but I’m mainly just grateful for the increased energy I had this weekend! I’m hoping it lasts and that I get answers.

About That LA Trip…

Vagner and I were so freakin’ excited about our October trip to Los Angeles. We’d literally done everything but book the flights because we didn’t know whether we could get the time off, so we decided to wait it out. We told a bunch of you about our plans, asked for recommendations, planned to reunite with old friends…and then we found a house and fell in love and NOW WE ARE UNDER CONTRACT, I AM SCREAMING.

I technically can’t get excited until we close, but I’m super pumped about our little home and becoming homeowners (finally). The flip side of this, unfortunately, is that we are not in a place to take cross-country vacations. We assumed home-buying would take months and we’d have more time to save, but we found this house the week we first met with our realtor, which is wild. Anyway, the point is that we have to postpone our dream trip, which sucks — but we’ll be busy celebrating a new house, so I can’t complain.

Y’all, I feel like we’re all back on Tumblr with me just talking about my life, but it’s also kind of fun! Let me know whether this is too random for you or if you enjoyed it in the comments.


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  1. Kacie wrote:

    Ahh, congratulations on the new house! That’s so exciting!! Feel better soon girl, hopefully it’s nothing serious. Happy Monday!

    Xo, Kacie |

    Posted 8.13.18 Reply
    • Ayana Lage wrote:

      Thank you, Kacie!! xo

      Posted 8.22.18 Reply