This Spirit Jersey Shirt Comes In 23 Colors & I Need All Of Them

Spirit Jersey Shirts Boxercraft

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I used to prioritize dressiness over comfort. I was dressed to the nines pretty much every day when I started my first professional gig. That didn’t last long.

These days, I’m all for my wardrobe staying as close to pajamas as humanly possible. Don’t get me wrong; I still love getting dressy, but if I’m just running to the mall or Starbucks, I want to look cute but still feel relaxed.

Enter the spirit jersey. If you’re not familiar with a spirit jersey, they’re the go-to apparel for sorority girls everywhere. I have three spirit jerseys from my college days, and I finally admitted they were looking dingy and I needed replacements.

I went searching on Amazon. I wanted something that’d cover my butt and give me an oversized fit without breaking the bank. I ended up choosing a jersey from BoxercraftThe prices seemed too good to be true, but I decided to give it a try.

I AM OBSESSED. I decided on a black jersey and ignored the advice to size down because the bigger, the better. If you prefer a tighter fit, definitely size down a size or two.

I’ve added it in pretty much every color to my Christmas list. I usually only buy Prime-eligible products, but this shipped really quickly, and I’m in love –– especially because it pairs with pretty much every pair of leggings I own.

If you decide to buy this shirt, you have to show me styling pictures! I’d love some inspiration.

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    😍😍😍 omg this top is exactly what I’ve been looking for!!!

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      <3 <3 <3

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