My Top 6 Blogging Do’s & Don’ts For 2018

I was looking at a calendar when I realized that I relaunched my blog nearly six months ago! It’s weird because it feels like I’ve been blogging forever (cliche, I know) because so much of my time is now devoted to content production. Truth be told, I really only started posting regularly + prioritizing high-quality content a few months ago, and I began aggressively looking for ways to grow my following + engagement in January, so I’m still new at this! It’s been so much fun, but as I reflect, I realize that there are things I do and don’t want to continue for the rest of the year. True to form, I made a listicle about it, because what else would you expect from me?

Do You Need A DSLR Camera? There Are Pros & Cons

If you’re thinking about blogging or just trying to up your social media game, you already know that how you present yourself is everything. Attracting an audience will require good content, which is a lot of pressure! You may look at big-time influencers and wonder whether you need to shell out major money for a fancy camera. Before I start, I wanted to point out the difference in the three above pictures. Far left is taken with an iPhone 8+ after brunch, the middle is an professional photo from the amazing Emily Staubus, and the last one is a taken with a Canon 60D body and EF 50mm f/1.8 lens

My Guide To 2018’s Best Apps + Tools For Photo Editing

Happy weekend, friends! Life is wild in the Lage household thanks to our upcoming move to Tampa — I’m currently staring at all of the boxes in our living room and promising myself this move will be our last! I want to keep my blogging consistent even though life is all over the place right now, and I am super excited about today’s post. About 90 percent of you said you wanted me to write about this topic on my Insta stories poll, so let’s do it!

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