Tampa Brow Tinting: Where To Go, How Much It Costs, & More

before and after tampa brow tinting

If there’s one thing I’m always down for, it’s trying new beauty treatments. I’ve been fascinated by the idea of a brow tint for a while but didn’t know where to go for Tampa brow tinting. My birthday was last week, so I decided to celebrate by trying the service out for the first time. I loved getting my brows laminated last year but can’t justify the cost. This felt like a less expensive way to treat myself.

Tampa Brow Tinting Review

I’ve always had pretty thick eyebrows, so I’ve never really considered a pricey service like micro blading. I do hate filling them in, though, so anything that gives me a fuller look intrigues me. I scheduled an appointment at Brows and Beauty by Lina in Wesley Chapel (for those not familiar with Tampa, it’s about 20 minutes outside of the city proper). Lina was wonderful, and her studio was both cute and clean — the latter is a must!

The appointment started with threading. I have to be honest — I much prefer waxing, but she recommended threading so I went with it. I do think my brows look better threaded, but the pain is always brutal for me, and I have a decent pain threshold.

After she cleaned up my brows, it was time for the easy part! I sat in a chair and she applied dye to my brows. I had to let it sit for 15 minutes, and I was good to go after she cleaned them up. The dye application does look a little scary, so don’t freak out. It’ll look normal after it’s wiped off. (I did take the opportunity to attempt to prank my husband, who didn’t fall for it.)

When it was all said and done, the process took about 30 minutes — longer than a typical brow appointment, but much shorter than lamination. I’m happy with the result — in the cover photo for this post, I haven’t brushed or filled in my brows at all. For someone who’s always chasing around a toddler, it’s helping me feel more polished when I don’t feel like wearing makeup.

Tampa Brow Tinting FAQs

Cost: I paid $40 before tip. I don’t know that I’ll do it regularly, but it’s way more affordable than some of the other brow services I’ve tried.

Longevity: Brow tinting fades after 4-6 weeks because it uses semi-permanent dye. If you avoid washing your brows when you wash your face, it can last even longer.

Color: I trusted my esthetician with this one! She recommended a dark brown for me, and it looks super natural.

Final thoughts: Brow tinting is definitely worth a try, especially if you’re low maintenance with makeup. Give it a day or two to fade if it looks intense — I was worried that mine looked too strong, but they faded slightly overnight.

If you have any brow tinting questions, let me know in the comments!



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