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Lash extension review from Tampa Blogger Ayana Lage

In case y’all didn’t know, I’m a total scaredy cat and hate commitment without A LOT of preparation, which is why it’s amazing that I somehow ended up with three tattoos. Even though I haven’t ever gotten permanent or semi-permanent treatments, I’ve always wondered about lash extensions — I hate how clumpy my mascara gets. When Lash Spa Studio in South Tampa invited me in, my response was heck yes.

I had a ton of questions — I hate how tired my eyes feel when I wear false eyelashes, so I needed my lash extensions to be gorgeous without feeling uncomfortable or inconvenient. Tallia from Lash Spa Studio assured me that I’d be in good hands, so I went in with an open mind and was super excited with the outcome. Read on for my lash extensions review!

Before & After

Disclaimer: I look much rougher in the “after” because I’d just woken up from a nap (seriously — it’s relaxing enough that I slept through it). Focus on those lashes, though! I was amazed at how natural they looked and felt. Now let’s chat about the process and get deeper into the lash extensions review!

What To Know About Lash Extensions

When I got to Lash Spa Studio, donuts and La Croix were waiting for me, which is pretty much the way to my heart. The space itself is beautiful & reminded me of an upscale nail salon — instead of upright seats, there are fully-reclined chairs that allow you to lay down during the procedure. My esthetician Abbie was super helpful and answered all of my questions … and trust me, I had a million. We chatted about what look I was going for (natural but subtly glam) and she explained her thoughts on the perfect length and curl. Then I got comfortable and let her get to work!

Abbie told me that it’s normal to fall asleep, but I was still surprised by how quickly I went out! The initial lash process takes 1.5-2 hours, so I got a nice nap while she worked her magic. You have to keep your eyes closed the entire time and you’re covered with a cozy blanket.

 Loved meeting Abbie! Loved meeting Abbie!

Y’all, I’m still SHOOK at how much I love my new lashes! Let’s talk aftercare. You can’t get them wet for the first 24 hours (so I canceled our plans to see A Star Is Born). You should brush and wash them every day, and you should avoid mascara. The spa also recommends going in every two weeks for a fill so they always look great.

 Tampa blogger Ayana Lage shows off lash extensions from local studio Lash Spa Studio.

I’m shocked at how much more confident I feel with my new lashes. You can still wear eyeshadow, but I love them so much that I haven’t been wearing any other eye makeup! It’s a subtle boost to your daily look, but I’m obsessed and upset I didn’t try this sooner.

Thank you so much to Lash Spa Studio Tampa for gifting me extensions — I can’t wait to come back! Thank you for reading my lash extensions review — have you tried lash extensions?

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