VSCO Lightroom Presets That Are Nearly Identical To The iPhone App

 Text says “Free VSCO Lightroom presets” with a picture of a camera, flowers, two books and a cup of coffee.

I sing Adobe Lightroom’s praises to anyone who will listen, but VSCO will always have my heart. For those who aren’t familiar with the app, it’s an editing platform that I used to build my feed. That’s why I want to combine the best of both worlds and share my favorite VSCO Lightroom presets with you!

Not only is it easy to use, but the filters are super customizable, which allows you to create a feed aesthetic. I personally couldn’t get enough of the A6 filter, and almost all of my pictures were given a desaturated, slightly cool look. Of course, my Instagram feed is now bright and colorful, but I’m able to understand Lightroom partly because of my experience with VSCO.

I checked the official VSCO website in hopes that my VSCO subscription would carry over to a desktop version, but no dice. Instead, you have to pay $59 per VSCO Lightroom Preset Pack. Let me tell you: I trust VSCO, and I’m sure they’re worth the money, but it wasn’t realistic for me to spend that much on presets. I just wanted VSCO presets for when I needed to change things up (or edit pictures that weren’t meant for my blog or social media).

Thankfully, I found a solution, and it’s completely free. This free VSCO Lightroom pack from NATE Photographic is a gamechanger, and you’ll be super impressed with the result. The pack contains presets that match the most popular VSCO filters like A4, A5, A6, M5, HB1 and HB2. To show y’all how good it is, I’ve edited a picture with A6 in VSCO and the “A6” preset from NATE Photographic. See the comparison below:

Can you even tell the difference?! PROBABLY NOT. The left is with VSCO, and the right is with free VSCO Lightroom presets! It’s uncanny how close they are. Thank you to NATE Photographic for such an amazing tool for bloggers and creatives — so much fun!

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