What Is Rent The Runway? The Pros and Cons of Renting Clothes

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Tired of running through the mall days before an event, desperately trying to find something to wear? Girl, same. When I first heard about renting clothes, I was curious — it sounded like a decent alternative, but was there a catch? What is Rent the Runway, and is it worth it? Disclaimer: I have worked with the company in the past, but this post isn’t sponsored.


Pros of Rent the Runway

It’s more sustainable. One of my goals for the year was to spend less on fast fashion. I still order from Amazon and Forever 21, but I know it’s better for the environment and my wallet to shop less. Renting clothes stops me from buying a dress just because it’s cheap and I want something new.

The designer wear is stunning. Seriously, I doubt I’ll ever be able to afford a $3,000 gown  (my wedding dress was half of that) — but I’ve discovered some of my favorite designers thanks to Rent the Runway, like Marchesa and Nicholas the Label.

Cons of Rent the Runway

Delivery delays. This isn’t a regular occurence, and the company does always try to make it right, but it can be extremely stressful to order a dress for an important event and see it inexplicably delayed. If you don’t work well under stress, you might prefer the security of shopping in-store (or paying for a longer rental).

The cost. If you spend more than $170 a month on clothes, it’s a no-brainer — but if you don’t find yourself regularly buying new outfits for events, you might end up spending more than you expected. My advice: Try it during a month where you have several events

Try It Yourself

Interested in trying Rent the Runway for yourself? Get $100 off your first two months of RTR Unlimited with “RTRAYANA” at checkout.

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