Which Water Bottle Keeps Water The Coldest? I Tried Four — Here’s Who Won

You could say I have a problem when it comes to water tumblers. I tend to think that you can’t have too much of a good thing, which has led me to buy a new cup whenever I see one that suits my fancy. I’ve previously written reviews, but I recently got a request from someone wondering what water bottle keeps water the coldest. I decided to experiment and put two cups of ice in four different water tumblers, and I checked on them occasionally to track how quickly they melted.

I will say that all the cups I tested kept the ice cool for at least a few hours. If you really need a cup to stay cool for 24+ hours, then I recommend the Simple Modern. Otherwise, you’ll probably be OK with any cups I’ve listed below. While this experiment won’t appear in any scientific journals anytime soon, I did my best to eliminate variables. The cups had the same amount of ice, and I kept them on the same surface with the lids on.

In this post, I’ll compare the 40-ounce tumbler cups from Stanley, Simple ModernReduce, and BruMate. These cups vary in price point, but the most expensive cup wasn’t the one that won this contest. I won’t make you read the whole post for the answer. The Simple Modern tumbler was the winner by a hair, and it took the longest time for the cup full of ice to melt.

Which Water Bottle Keeps Water The Coldest?

I should note that the water in each cup was still cold by the time I dumped them out, but this is a battle for the coldest, so I tracked how long the ice took to melt. Let’s examine how often each cup promises to keep water cold.

BruMate: Keeps ice for 24+ hours

Reduce: Keeps drinks cold for up to 34 hours

Stanley: Keeps drinks cold for 11 hours; drinks stay iced for 2 days

Simple Modern: Keeps drinks cold for 24 hours

22 hours of comparison of water bottles and which water bottle keeps water the coldestcomparison of water bottles and which water bottle keeps water the coldest

Four hours in, all cups still had the same amount of ice. I usually finish my water within a few hours, so all of these cups serve similar value for me. But I still thought figuring out which would last longest would be interesting.

Nearly 24 hours in, the Reduce and Stanley tumblers ice had melted significantly. The Simple Modern had the most ice, and the BruMate was a close second. At the 30-hour mark, the ice was almost gone in all cups, but the Simple Modern had the most intact clusters. (Side note: who knew that ice was nearly impossible to photograph well?)

My final verdict is that the Simple Modern won first place, with the BruMate close behind. The Stanley comes in third place, and the Reduce tumbler is in last place. However, all the cups kept the ice water cold for 24 hours, meeting that promise. If you’re searching for the cup with the chilliest water, you know which one to go for. I won’t steer you wrong!

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  1. Nicole wrote:

    Thanks for doing this experiment, I’ll be shopping based on your post!

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  2. Janey wrote:

    I trust you

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  3. Ms. Dale Walkinshaw wrote:

    I just loved your post and was tickled at how serious you were at task ! But believe me when I say it’s appreciated. Keep up the very good work ! Ms. Dale W

    Posted 4.13.24 Reply
  4. Thirsty wrote:

    Thank you for testing! I always seem to buy something, hate it, throw it in my cupboard graveyard, and try a different one. It adds up quick. Bonus gold star for blogging: “I won’t make you read the whole post for the answer. The Simple Modern tumbler was the winner by a hair.” A+++++

    Posted 4.14.24 Reply
  5. Elizabeth Gonzalez wrote:

    Just like that you helped me buy a tumbler thank you for the research . Appreciate it .

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  6. Beautiful wrote:

    Thanks for testing! I don’t support based on what’s trending and with the added fact that the simple modern cup doesn’t leak is definitely what I will go with! Your review helps alot!

    Posted 7.9.24 Reply